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Mesotherapy and Acupuncture

Mesotherapy is a treatment that stimulates certain nerve fibers within the middle layer of skin called the mesoderm. Theses sensory nerve fibers originate from the spinal cord and branch out into large areas in the skin along the back called dermatomes. The technique of mesotherapy is to use multiple injections of certain medications along the back by injecting the mesoderm with very small needles. These very small injections stimulate the mesoderm nerve fibers in these dermatomes. These nerve fibers when stimulated help block or inhibit signals that come from sensory nerves that detect pain. The goal then of mesotherapy is to stop the pain/muscle spasm cycle that is occurring along the back. It is helpful in treating several causes of chronic back and neck pain. The number of treatments needed depends on the condition, the chronicity of the problem, and how often your horse has relapses of pain due to the condition. Usually, a minimum of one to two treatments of mesotherapy is needed to assess how your horse will respond. Any future treatments are usually based on when or if the painful back condition reoccurs.

I also use electro-acupuncture for similar purposes as mesotherapy. It is primarily used to treat painful and chronic back conditions. Again, trying to stop the muscle spasms and painful stimulation that is occurring in the back. Acupuncture does require more initial treatments than mesotherapy. I usually start with 3 to 4 treatments given every 3 to 7 days apart depending on how the horse responds.

Both of these treatment modalities are useful in helping with the pain but neither treatment will heal or reverse the changes that may have occurred in your horse's back. So, they may need to be repeated as needed to help with times your horse may have relapses or re-occurrence of pain.