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Digital ultrasound

Ultrasound allows us to diagnosis and evaluate the soft tissue structures of the horse such as tendon and ligaments. Other structures that can be imaged are joints, articular cartilage, bone surfaces, sacroiliac ligaments, cervical facets, muscles, back, abdomen, chest wall, heart, reproductive system, and even the eye. Ultrasound can be much more sensitive than radiographs at evaluating some structures such as bone surfaces, articular cartilage, and joint surfaces. Another benefit of ultrasound is for

the use in guided injections of tendon and ligament core lesions, joints, articular facets, and the sacroiliac joints. This allows us to know that the medications and treatments that have been selected for your horse are going into the right place. Whether it be a diagnostic block, steroids, or regenerative medicine we want the products in the right place to help your horse have the best treatment and healing possible.